Attorney Profile

Sho Watson is an attorney with over a decade of helping everyday people get justice and compensation for their legal problems.

From complex premises liability cases, to tragedies involving wrongful death and catastrophic personal injury, Sho’s legal experience has resulted in financial justice for his clients and their loved ones.

A dedicated community servant, Sho participates in a number of projects in the Atlanta area. He is a volunteer attorney for the Georgia Appleseed Project, which represents, for free, students who are in danger of being expelled from public school. He is a frequent volunteer at the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge and dedicates time to the Alzheimer’s Association of America.

He is a graduate of The Howard University School of Law. He holds a Master’s degree from Florida A&M University and a B.S. from Morehouse College.

Sho Watson and The Watson Law Firm understand that you are an individual, and each case is unique. Therefore we are committed to providing you quality service, and expert leagal advice, tailored to your specific needs.